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pdfClearing offences and penalties fact sheet315 KB
April 2020

pdfNative vegetation clearing legislation in Western Australia (Fact sheet 1)109.86 KB
February 2015

pdfComplying with your permit to clear native vegetation (Fact sheet 4)337.04 KB
August 2015

pdfMining and petroleum activities (Fact sheet 5)276.06 KB
August 2015

pdfClearing previously cleared land, grazing on and management of pastoral leases and Pastoral Lands Board requirements (Fact sheet 7)520 KB
August 2019

pdfClearing in specific existing or potential Water Supply catchments (Fact sheet 8)502.6 KB
August 2015

pdfClearing limited to five hectares a year (limited clearing exemptions) (Fact sheet 9)125.52 KB
May 2014

How to apply for a permit to clear native vegetation
July 2019

pdfEnvironmental offsets for native vegetation clearing permits (Fact sheet 11)235.92 KB
June 2014

pdfInformation for purpose permit holders (Fact sheet 12)166.09 KB
February 2015

pdfInformation for maintaining existing transport corridors (Fact sheet 13)409.99 KB
August 2015

pdfClearing under State Agreements (Fact sheet 14)950.14 KB
August 2015

pdfForestry on private property (Fact sheet 15)405.28 KB
August 2015

pdfRisk-based assessment of clearing permit applications (Fact sheet 16)103.61 KB
February 2015

pdfVegetation Conservation Notices (Fact sheet 17)283.06 KB
May 2015

pdfHave you been hired to clear native vegetation? (Fact sheet 18)100.8 KB
August 2015

pdfClearing for fire protection (Building Protection Zones) (Fact sheet 20)112.43 KB
August 2015 

pdfMonitoring vegetation change using remote sensing (Fact sheet 21)652.53 KB
February 2014

pdfAssessment of Aboriginal heritage values for native vegetation clearing applications (Fact sheet 22)84.78 KB
June 2014

pdfNative title and native vegetation clearing applications (Fact sheet 23)245.26 KB
July 2014

pdfEnvironmentally Sensitive Areas (Fact sheet 24)195 KB
September 2020

pdfNative vegetation clearing processes under the bilateral agreeement (Fact sheet 25)258 KB
October 2014