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Table 1. Clearing Referrals not for public comment or appeal

Clearing referrals proposed under Section 51DA(2) and decision of clearing referrals under Section 51DA(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(1) of the EP Act, and the acceptance or refusal of an application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(7) of the EP Act.

Decision to revoke or suspend a clearing permit made under Section 51L(1) of the EP Act.

Decision to amend a clearing permit under Section 51K(2)(b) of the EP Act on the initiative of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Amendment decisions that are not appealable include CEO-initiated amendments and amendments to give effect to a decision of the Minister for Environment. All publicly appealable decisions on amendments can be found at Clearing permits available for public appeal.

Decision to refuse to grant a clearing permit under Section 51E(5)(b) of the EP Act.

Decision to refuse to grant an amendment application under Section Section 51KA(4)(b) of the EP Act.

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

Queries may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Table 1. Clearing referrals not for public comment or appeal

ReferrerLocation DetailsSize (ha)DecisionDateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) Link
 Mr Joshua Griffith and Mrs Joanna Griffith  Lot 145 on Plan 17848, Denmark  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Required  05/09/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9834
 Town of Bassendean  Whitfield Street road reserve (PIN 11403147), Bassendean  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  05/09/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9851
 CBH Group  Lot 150 on Deposited Plan 67780, Kebaringup and Borden  0.28   Clearing Permit Not Required  12/09/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9854
 City of Rockingham  Lot 4642 on Deposited Plan 27784 and Mandurah Road Reserve (PINs 1197760, 1197755 and 1197758), East Rockingham,  0.76  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/09/2022  Referral Documents             REF 9826
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Lot 34 on Deposited Plan 215975, Warmun  0.15  Clearing Permit Not Required  29/09/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9842
 Mrs Ann Smith  Lot 11 on Deposited Plan 232807 and Coronation Road Reserve (PIN 11602707), Waroona  3 trees  Clearing Permit Required  30/09/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9873
 City of Joondalup  Lot 300 on Deposited Plan 48930 and Lot 15444 on Deposited Plan 40340, Sorrento  0.11 Clearing Permit Required  30/09/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9861
 Department of Water and Environmental Regulation  Various locations across Bullsbrook, Melaleuca, Cullacabardee and Whiteman  0.07  Clearing Permit Not Required  07/10/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9859
 Mr Roger Seares  Lot 12285 on Deposited Plan 203084, Crowea  5.35  Clearing Permit Required  11/10/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9880
 Mr Owen Rawlinson and Ms Angel Sawyer  Lot 564 on Plan 22527, Gidgegannup  0.16  Clearing Permit Required  14/10/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9862
 City of Busselton  Lot 2003 on Deposited Plan 45230 (Reserve No. 48279), West Busselton  2 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  17/10/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9876
 Australian Western Railroad Pty Ltd  Lot 511 on Deposited Plan 41203, Kwinana Beach  2 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  18/10/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9887
 Carey Baptist College Inc  Lot 2 on Diagram 75868, Forrestdale  0.15  Clearing Permit Required  20/10/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9895
 Mr Keith Poole  Lot 67 on Deposited Plan 420029, Vasse  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  21/10/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9865
 Service Stream  Lot 4773 on Deposited Plan 172198, Mirrabooka  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/10/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9927
 Shire of Northam  Lot 17 on Diagram 22644, Northam  3 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/10/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9902
 Department of Education  Lot 3637 on Deposited Plan 188676, Bull Creek  9 trees  Clearing Permit Required  03/11/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9914
 Mr Simon Michael  Lot 997 on Deposited Plan 251127, Warawarrup, and Lot 203 on Deposited Plan 422018, Cookernup  0.25  Clearing Permit Not Required  04/11/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9941
 Shire of Narrogin  Within several Crown reserves and Lots, Narrogin  0.09  Clearing Permit Not Required  09/11/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9939
 City of Swan  Within serveral in Ballajura and Cullacabardee  0.11  Clearing Permit Not Required  11/11/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9904
 Mr Michael Scarfone and Mrs Kristy Scarfone  Lot 261 on Plan 3598 and Loton Road Reserve (PIN 1325961), Millendon  0.04  Clearing Permrit Not Required   15/11/2022  Referral Documents        REF 9907 
 Golden Bay Progress Association Inc  Lot 551 on Deposited Plan 408625, Golden Bay  0.05  Clearing Permit Not Required  22/11/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9929
 Shire of Denmark  Lot 353 on Deposited Plan 404428, Ocean Beach  0.015  Clearing Permit Not Required  29/11/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9952
 Hesperia Property Pty Ltd  Lot 1499 on Deposited Plan 251270, High Wycombe  0.88  Clearing Permit Required  09/12/2022            Referral Documents                 REF 9972            
 Claymont Development Pty Ltd  Cheriton Road reserve (PINs 1358457, 1358473 and 11726123), Ginginup  10 trees  Clearing Permit Required  13/12/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9954
 Almond Lake Pty Ltd  Lot 2 on Diagram 28764, Yalyalup  2 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  15/12/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9947
 S & K O’Brien Super Investments  Lot 2 on Deposited Plan 50171, Bootenal  6 trees  Clearing Permit Required  20/12/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9983
 Roy Hill Iron Ore Pty Ltd  Lot 372 on Deposited Plan 35620, Boodarie  1  Clearing Permit Required  20/12/2022  Referral Documents   REF 9943
 Mr David Donald  Lot 28 on Plan 17424, Quinninup 0.0004  Clearing Permit Not Requried  23/12/2022  Referral Documents  REF 9988
 CPS Technology & Infrastructure  Lot 500 on Plan 18005 and Watheroo Road Reserve (PIN 11675072), Badgingarra  0.2  Clearing Permit Required  03/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 9956
 Department of Transport   Lot 1337 on Deposited Plan 91032, South Carnarvon  5.56  Clearing Permit Required  03/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 9968
 Main Roads Western Australia  Lot 33 on Deposited Plan 240249, Fortescue  6.52  Clearing Permit Required  04/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10018
 City of Wanneroo
 Lot 8000 on Deposited Plan 406263, Yanchep  0.004  Clearing Permit Required  06/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 9965
 Ms Ethel Hawkins  Weld Road Reserve (PINs 11530043, 11530044, 11530045), Capel River  0.61  Clearing Not Permit   06/01/2023             Referral Documents         REF 9958
 DevelopmentWA  Lot 359 on Plan 4560, Henley Brook  23 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  11/01/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10008
 Shire of Carnarvon  Lot 292 on Deposited Plan 173348, Brown Range  2.57  Clearing Permit Not Requried  11/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10015
 Mr Cliff Hannibal  Lot 14053 on Deposited Plan 225450, Talgomine  3.78  Clearing Permit Required  13/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10022
 Mr Phillip Tucak  Fynd Street Road Reserve (PIN 11749248), Goode Beach  0.04  Clearing Permit Not Required  18/01/2023  Referral Documents   REF 9999
 DevelopmentWA  Lot 602 on Deposited Plan 57640, East Perth  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  20/01/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10005
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Lot 505 on Deposited Plan 64832, Exmouth  2.14  Clearing Permit Required  20/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10013
 Mrs Melissa Hohaia  Lot 152 on Diagram 97513 and Ocean Beach Road Reserve (PIN 1280426), Shadforth  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Required  20/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10030
 Metallica Property Development Pty Ltd  Central Avenue Road Reserve (PIN 12352718 and PIN 1341319), Hazlemere  2 Trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  24/1/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10044
 Mineral Resources Limited  Lot 214 on Deposited Plan 220400, Feysville  0.08  Clearing Permit Not Required  27/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10047
Mr Reece Meyer and Mrs Matilda Billing

Lot 7 on Diagram 34543 and Burton Road Reserve (PIN 11840066), Darlington

0.01 Clearing Permit Not Required 27/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10051

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Permit HolderLocation DetailsSize (ha)TypeDecision
DateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) link
 Yangibana Pty Ltd / Hastings Technology Metals Ltd  Lot 152 on Deposited Plan 220265, Talandji  1.37  Purpose Permit Administrative Amendment 06/09/2022 Permit - Index of /permit/9550/Permit (dwer.wa.gov.au)  CPS 9550/2
Cooperative Bulk Handling Limited  Great Northern Highway road reserve (PIN 11288339) and unnamed Railway reserve (PIN 1323360), Dalwallinu and Nugadong  1  Purpose Permit Surrender  02/11/2022  Permit - Index of /permit/9236 (dwer.wa.gov.au)  CPS 9236/1
 NEWest Alliance  Lot 17 on Plan 17935, Lot 9006 on Deposited Plan 421398 and within Beonaddy Road reserve (PIN 11749607), Eglinton  0.52  Purpose Permit  Administrative Amendment  09/11/2022  Permit - Index of /permit/9487 (dwer.wa.gov.au)  CPS 9487/2
 Shire of Victoria Plains  Mogumber West road reserve, Calingiri-New Norcia road reserve, Goomalling – Calingiri road reserve, unnamed rail reserves, Lot 3962 on Deposited Plan 173619 and Lot 9001 on Deposited Plain 43363, Shire of Victoria Plains   2.46  Purpose Permit Administrative Amendment  17/112022  Permit  CPS 8357/2
 Shire of Manjimup Old Vasse Road reserve PIN 11243111, PIN 11243115 and PIN 11243113, Yeagarup  0.12  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  06/12/2022  Permit  CPS 9333/2
 Mr Steven John and Ms Lisa Narelle Lynch  Lot 20168 on Deposited Plan 206919, Denbarker  17.97  Area Permit Ministerial Amendemnt  9/12/2022  Permit  CPS 9094/2
 Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale  Karnup Road and Bishop Road Reserves (PINs 1372987, 1372989, 1160722, 1160723, 11610724 and 11609323), Serpentine and Mundijong  0.188  Area Permit Ministerial Amendment  20/12/2022  Permit  CPS 9339/2
 FMR Investment Pty Ltd  Lot 102 on Deposited Plan 40393, Karramindie, Shire of Coolgardie  6.03  Purpose Permit  Surrender  22/12/2022 Surrender  CPS 9061/1
 Collie Clay Target Club  Lot 111 on Deposited Plan 70794, Palmer  1.7  Purpose Permit  Application Refused  31/01/2023  Rerfusal   CPS 9115/1