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Tim’s Thicket Waste Management Facility


The City of Mandurah holds licence L6860/1995/11 under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) to undertake the following activities at the Tim’s Thicket Waste Management Facility (the Facility) in Dawesville:

  • Category 13: Crushing of building material
  • Category 63: Class I inert landfill site

A now decommissioned liquid waste facility also operated at the Facility until early 2015.

The current licence is available HERE.

On 17 November 2016 the City of Mandurah applied for an amendment to licence L6860/1995/11 for approval to construct and operate a liquid waste facility.

This proposal was also referred to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) by the City of Mandurah in March 2017 on the basis that changes may be required to the existing Ministerial Statement 375.

During the assessment under Part IV of the EP Act and following community feedback, the City of Mandurah made a number of changes to the proposal to reduce the impact to the environment. In February 2019, the City of Mandurah withdrew and resubmitted a new Licence amendment application with the following changes requested to the proposal:

  • An upgraded liner system under the ponds;
  • Replacing the balancing pond with a facultative pond;
  • Replacing the storage pond with an oxidation pond;
  • Removal of the biological nutrient removal plant;
  • Replacing the irrigation field with an evaporation pond.

Assessment of this licence amendment application was placed on hold by the Department pending the assessment of the proposal by the EPA.

What is happening now?

On 27 November 2019, EPA Report 1657 was published. The report was subject to appeal which was determined by the Minister on 5 August 2020 (Appeal 60/19).

The EPA concluded that the proposal was environmentally acceptable. On 10 September 2020 Ministerial Statement 1151 was issued approving the implementation of the proposal to recommence the acceptance of liquid waste for treatment at the Facility subject to conditions specified in the statement.

Following this determination of the proposal under Part IV of the EP Act, and the subsequent issuing of the Ministerial Statement, assessment of the Licence amendment application under Part V of the EP Act has recommenced.

Amendment to licence L6860/1995/11

The Application will be publicly advertised on the DWER website and in the West Australian for a period of 21 days.

Interested parties may subscribe to DWER to receive notification of applications open for comment through the Department’s website at: https://www.der.wa.gov.au/our-work/licences-and-works-approvals/lwa-applications

Following the assessment of the proposal, the Department will provide its assessment and any proposed licence amendments to the City of Mandurah for comment.

Following review and comment from the City, any amendments to the licence, as well as the decision report will be published on DWER's website, allowing members of the public to appeal the decision during the 21-day appeal period.

More information

DWER will update this page as new information comes to hand.


Updated November 2020