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Point Peron to Woodman Point Treated Wastewater Main - investigation

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is investigating a leak of treated wastewater from Water Corporation’s Point Peron to Woodman Point Treated Wastewater Main in Rockingham.

The Water Corporation notified DWER on 17 June 2020 that it had identified a leak of treated wastewater from the below-ground pipe on the north-eastern edge of Lake Richmond.

The Water Corporation has started a process to excavate the pipeline to determine a course of action to repair the leak.



The Treated Wastewater Main is a pipeline managed by the Water Corporation, which transports highly treated wastewater. Ninety per cent of the treated wastewater flow is derived from the Woodman Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pipeline is also used to dispose wastewater from the Point Peron Wastewater Treatment Plant and two industries in the Kwinana Industrial Area – namely the BP Refinery and CSBP. Discharges to the Treated Wastewater Main from BP and CSBP are regulated through licence conditions the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

Lake Richmond, which is jointly managed by the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions and the City of Rockingham, forms part of the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park. It is an important habitat for threatened ecological communities, including a thrombolite community that is assessed as ‘Critically Endangered’ by the Western Australian Threatened Ecological Communities Advisory Committee.

What is happening now?

DWER is providing regulatory oversight of the incident and expects Water Corporation to take all necessary action to protect the environment and ensure all stakeholders are kept informed, and we are closely monitoring the situation.

DWER has commenced an investigation into the incident, under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and is regularly visiting the site.

The Water Corporation has advised DWER that urgent action is being taken to locate the leak and determine the most appropriate repair solution, considering possible impacts to the environment. The emergency diversion of the main’s treated wastewater may also have environmental impacts which need to be carefully considered.


More Information

If you require more information on the work being conducted by the Water Corporation at the Rockingham site, please call the Water Corporation on 13 13 75.

If you want to report pollution, please call the Pollution Watch Hotline on 1300 784 782 or you can submit a report online.



Updated June 2020


Point Peron to Woodman Point Treated Wastewater Main - investigation