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Request for feedback

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The Western Australian Government is committed to implementing a container deposit scheme for Western Australia.

Consumers will be able to get a 10 cent refund on all eligible beverage containers – most plastic and glass bottles, paper-board cartons, and steel and aluminium cans between 150 millilitres and three litres.

The discussion paper is an opportunity to provide input on options for the design of the scheme.


The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) has prepared a discussion paper on Western Australia’s container deposit scheme—expected to start in mid 2019.

You may provide input through an online survey on consumer preferences and/or a written submission by 5pm (WST), Monday 23 October 2017. 

The discussion paper and survey are available at www.dwer.wa.gov.au/cds.

Scope of this consultation

All Western Australians, including government, industry and community groups and individuals.  

Geographical scope

Western Australia

Consultation duration

28 August 2017 to 23 October 2017 (8 weeks)

After the consultation

The responses to this consultation will assist DWER in assessing and making recommendations to the Government following public consultation on the Western Australian container deposit scheme — discussion paper (August 2017)

When this consultation has ended all responses will be reviewed and made available on this website.

A document summarising the responses and how they have been considered will also be made available on this website.