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The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is currently in the process of updating the forms below. 

When lodging your forms please refer to the following updated details,
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 6364 7000
Postal address:
Locked Bag 33 Cloisters Square

Bank details within the relevant Controlled Waste forms have been updated.


Category list

pdfControlled Waste Category list216.14 KB

pdfControlled Waste Category List - Conversion chart187.58 KB


pdfForm CW1: Application for controlled waste carrier licence1.23 MB

pdfForm CW2: Application for bulk controlled waste driver licence995.78 KB

pdfForm CW3: Application to license vehicle/tank to transport bulk controlled waste1.09 MB

pdfForm CW4: Application enquiry for becoming a controlled waste carrier940.1 KB

pdfForm CW5: List of vehicle(s) or trailer(s) used to transport packaged controlled waste993.57 KB

pdfForm CW6: List of driver(s) transporting packaged controlled waste989.42 KB

pdfForm CW7: Notification of change of driver's employer799.16 KB

pdfForm CW8: Amendment to a controlled waste licence1.08 MB

pdfForm CW9: Amendment to a controlled waste driver licence1002.69 KB

pdfForm CW10: Application for transfer of controlled waste vehicle/tank licence to assignee 915KB

pdfForm CW11: Controlled Waste Tracking System (CWTS) Access Form – Industry852.29 KB

pdfForm CW12: Controlled Waste Tracking System (CWTS) agency agreement906.21 KB

pdfForm CW13: Request to replace lost or stolen controlled waste driver and/or vehicle/tank ID card976.53 KB

pdfForm CW14: Application to list a waste facility or transit facility in the Controlled Waste Tracking 1.51 MB

pdfForm CW15: Controlled waste attachment form155.74 KB

pdfForm CW16: Application for secondary carrier profile in Controlled Waste Tracking System (CWTS)923.6 KB

pdfForm CW17: Application for a consignment authorisation to transport controlled waste into WA1008.11 KB

pdfForm CW19: Notification of non-conforming load893.45 KB

pdfForm CW20: Paper controlled waste tracking form book request864.28 KB

pdfForm CW21: Application to transfer controlled waste carrier licence979 KB

pdfForm CW22: Controlled waste spill/discharge notification —This form is no longer in use. Please complete a Section 72 Waste discharge notification Form.

pdfForm CW23: Application for an exemption under the regulation876.56 KB

pdfForm CW24: Application to transport anything other than a controlled waste in a licensed controlled waste vehicle or tank1.21 MB

pdfForm CW25: Application to amend a waste facility or transit facility in the Controlled Waste Tracking System1.44 MB