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Applicant and Location:

Murrin Murrin Nickel Cobalt Project Mining Tenements: M39/446, M39/820, L39/81, L39/62, L39/83, M39/299, M39/651, M39/300, M39/301, M39/435, M39/436, M39/421, M39/422, M39/423, M39/424, M39/342, M39/343, L39/136, L39/168, M39/314, M39/322, M39/562, M39/637, M39/686, M39/692, M39/714, M39/715, M39/716, M39/737. LAVERTON WA 6440


Category: (54) Sewage facility; (05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore; (06) Mine dewatering; (12) Screening, etc. of material; (44) Metal Smelting or Refining; (52) Electric Power Generation; (64) Class II or III putrescible landfill site; (31) Chemical manufacturing.
Assessment type: Renewal
Closing Date: 2021-05-26
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