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Applicant and Location:

Solomon Iron Ore Mine - FMG Solomon Pty Ltd - E47/1011, E47/1334, E47/1532, M47/1409, M47/1410,M47/1411, M47/1413, M47/1431, M47/1453, M47/1466,M47/1473, M47/1474, M47/1475, L47/293, L47/294, L47/296,L47/301, L47/351, L47/360, L47/362, L47/363, L47/367,L47/381, E47/382, L47/391, L47/392, L47/397, L47/471,L47/472, L47/710, L47/711, L47/813, L47/814, P47/1279,P47/1286, P47/1287, P47/1304, P417/1305, P47/1735,P47/1736 and portion of E47/1319, E47/1333, E47/1398,E47/1399, E47/1447, E47/3094, E47/3464, L47/361 and L47/713 - TOM PRICE WA 6751

Category: (77) Concrete Batching or Cement Products Manufacturing; (05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore; (64) Class II or III putrescible landfill site.
Assessment type: New Works Approval
Closing Date: 2023-06-12
Supporting Documentation:

Application Form

Supporting Document Brad TSF Detailed Design Review

Supporting Document Report

Supporting Document Att 2 Prescribed Premises Location

Supporting Document Att 7 Sitting and Location

Supporting Document Brad TSF Basis of Design

Supporting Document Brad TSF Detailed Design Report

Supporting Document Brad TSF Groundwater Assessment

Supporting Document Brad TSF Water Balance Model

Supporting Document Conservation Significant Fauna Managment Plan

Supporting Document Application Supporting Document

Supporting Document Dust Managment Plan

Supporting Document Report

Supporting Document Detailed Design Report-Part1

Supporting Document Detailed Design Report-Part2

Supporting Document Detailed Design Report-Part3

Supporting Document Detailed Design Report-Part4

Supporting Document Detailed Design Report-Part5

Supporting Document Solomon Brad TSF Detailed Design

Supporting Document Solomon Iron Ore Project

Supporting Document Standard Engineering Specification

Supporting Document Surface Water Management Plan

Supporting Document Surface Water Monitoring Guidelines

Supporting Document Vegetation Health Monitoring and Management Plan