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An online survey was completed by 3,256 people during the Container Deposit Scheme’s consultation period (28 August 2017–23 October 2017). Here is a summary of results from the six questions:

Disclaimer: Due to rounding, percentages may not add to 100 per cent.

Question 1: Do you support a CDS for Western Australia?

The proposal to implement a CDS in Western Australia was supported by 97.1 per cent of the 3,236 people who responded to this question.

Overall Response


Response by region


Question 2: Which is the most important benefit of a CDS?

The 3,131 respondents to this question nominated the most important benefits of the scheme as:

  • Protect the environment (51.6%)
  • Reduce litter (25.7%)
  • Increase recycling (18.5%).
  •  Overall Response


    Response by region

     Table 2

    Question 3: Where would you prefer to recycle your containers?

    The preferred places to return containers specified by 3,130 people responding to this question were:

    • retail centres (52.5%);
    • dedicated refund points (27.2%);
    • donation points (8.3%); and
    • existing recycling centres (8.2%).

     Overall Response


    Response by region


    Question 4: How would you like to receive your refunds?

    The 3,138 people who responded to this question indicated the top three preferred options for receiving refunds were:

    • cash (62.2%);
    • transfer to charity (15.1%); and
    • bank transfers (10.7%).

     Overall Response


    Response by region


    Question 5: Are there any other payment methods you would like to use?

    There were 1,081 responses to this question. The most common responses were:

    • paypal (online payments system)
    • cryptocurrency (bitcoin)
    • credit to credit card/other card
    • credit to utility bill (gas, water, rates, electricity, taxes)
    • fuel discount voucher/beverage discount
    • accumulate on card and stamps or app, then transfer
    • credit to phone prepaid airtime, Android or Apple pay
    • carbon credits/ocean plastic/environmental rehab
    • schools Parents and Children (P&C) funds
    • “something that does not require ID”
    • “meal for homeless people”.

    Question 6: How far do you normally travel for shopping, sport etc.?

    People (3,247 responses) most commonly travelled:

    • 0-5km (42.6%);
    • 5-10km (33.0%); and
    • 10-20km (14.1%).

     Overall Response



    Response by region