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CleanRun is a Department of Water and Environmental Regulation program aimed at improving air quality in Western Australia by reducing vehicle emissions.

The program is the key initiative for the National Environment Protection (Diesel Vehicle Emissions) Measure (Diesel NEPM) implementation in Western Australia.

CleanRun builds on initiatives already being undertaken under the Perth Air Quality Management Plan 2.2 MB, to ensure that clean air is achieved and maintained throughout the Perth metropolitan region.

CleanRun is implemented through three components:

These work together to improve air quality in Perth by establishing the level of vehicle emissions, by looking specifically at the causes of vehicle emissions and by developing various methods through which these emissions can be reduced.

  • EcoDriving - driving down emissions

    To reduce the pollution from your vehicle and offset increases in fuel price, start eco-driving. EcoDriving incorporates a number of safer, smarter driving techniques that maximise fuel economy by operating the engine as efficiently as possible.