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Health of Swan Canning river system1

WA Auditor General's report

In August 2014 the WA Auditor General reported on the Health of the Swan Canning River System and recommended that State Government agencies work with Local Government, businesses and the community to reduce contaminants entering Perth's rivers. Small to medium-sized commercial operations were a significant source of contaminants to the drainage systems which feed into the Swan and Canning rivers.

An earlier audit, carried out between 2007 and 2011, identified areas where businesses failed to minimise or mitigate the risk of pollution. These included:

  • inadequate liquid storage and spill management infrastructure;
  • inappropriate disposal of wastewater;
  • wastewater containing detergents, degreasers or sediments not properly treated and/or being discharged to open ground, septic tank system or stormwater drainage;
  • no emergency spill kit; and
  • no emergency spill management plan and/or staff training for managing spills.