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Fact sheets related to acid sulfate soils are available for download below.

pdfASS1 - What are acid sulfate soils?
Published: April 2008, Revised July 2015
Acid sulfate soils (ASS) are naturally occurring soils and sediments containing iron sulfides, most commonly pyrite.

pdfASS2 - Is my house built on acid sulfate soils 
Published July 2004, Revised July 2015
Houses built directly on acid sulfate soils that are being exposed to oxygen, are at risk from structural damage. This brochure provides an inventory of visual indicators of acid sulfate soil effects that homeowners can look for inside the house, on exterior walls and paved areas, and in the garden to help determine whether structural damage might be occurring.

pdfASS3 - Acid sulfate soils risk maps
Published: Nov 2012, Revised July 2015
Maps of ASS risk areas for several coastal regions of Western Australia. These provide a broad-scale indication of the areas where ASS are most likely to exist.

pdfASS4 - Managing urban development in acid sulfate soil areas
Published: April 2008, Revised July 2015
Development in areas of high to moderate acid sulfate soil (ASS) risk must be managed appropriately to minimise disturbance and potential damage to the environment.