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Air monitoring reports - Western Australia

2021 WA Air Monitoring report 6.35MB

2020 WA Air Monitoring report 7.57 MB

2019 WA Air Monitoring report 4.97 MB

2018 WA Air monitoring report 4.10 MB

2017 WA Air monitoring report 4.04 MB

2016 WA Air monitoring report 3.2 MB

2015 WA Air monitoring report 5 MB

2014 WA Air monitoring report3.23 MB

2013 WA Air monitoring report 2.07 MB

2012 WA Air monitoring report 3.16 MB

Fact sheet

Remote Air Pollution Infrared Detector (RAPID) Trial

Dust Monitoring Campaign at Point Samson

pdfCalculating Reid Vapour Pressure in the Environmental Protection (Petrol) Regulations 1999692.24 KB

Air Quality Monitoring in Albany

Air Quality Monitoring in Bunbury

Air Quality Monitoring in Busselton

Air Quality Monitoring in Collie

Air Quality Monitoring in Geraldton

Air Quality Monitoring in Mandurah

Air Quality Monitoring in Perth Region

Air Quality Monitoring in Western Australia

Guidelines and guidance notes

pdfA guideline for managing the impacts of dust and associated contaminants from land development sites remediation and other related activities (2011)235.72 KB

Air Quality and Air Pollution Modelling Guidance Notes (2006)


pdfAmbient Monitoring of Particulate Matter in Kalgoorlie, 2006-20071.7 MB

pdfAmbient Monitoring of Sulfur Dioxide in Kalgoorlie, 1999-20088.62 MB

Kwinana region

 Kwinana EPP redetermination (2019) 

Mapping dust plumes at Mandogalup using a LiDAR (2019) 3.9 MB

pdfKwinana Background Air Quality Study - Phase 4 Flyer 504KB

pdfKwinana Background Air Quality Study - Phase 4 18.42 MB

pdfBackground Air Quality Monitoring in Kwinana 2005 to 20101.38 MB

pdfKwinana EPP redetermination (2009) 4.38 MB

Pilbara region

pdfNewman dust composition monitoring campaign report  2.38 MB

pdfMeteorology and Air Quality of the Pilbara Region (2001) 1.27 MB

pdfPilbara Air Quality Report (2004) 1.34 MB

pdfMonitoring of Ambient Air Quality and Meteorology during the Pilbara Air Quality Study (2002) 21.89 MB

pdfMapping dust plumes at Point Samson–Cape Lambert using a LiDAR (2018) 4.8 MB

pdfMapping dust plumes at Port Hedland using a LiDAR (2018) 5.37 MB

pdfStudy of the Cumulative Impacts of Air Emissions in the Murujuga Airshed (2022)57 MB


pdf2011-12 Midland Background Air Quality Study 2.58 MB

pdf2007-08 Midland Background Air Quality Study 180.95 KB

National Environment Protection Measure for Ambient Air Quality

pdfNational Environment Protection Measure for Ambient Air Quality - Monitoring Plan for Western Australia (2001) 2.41 MB


pdfParticulate matter (PM) in Collie 2004 to 2007 2.26 MB

Presentation on air quality in Collie (2014)

pdfVolatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Collie 2007-20081.4 MB

Perth (metropolitan) region

Odour Field Assessment in the Vicinity of GD Pork, West Pinjarra

pdfPerth Photochemical Smog Study (1996)2.42 MB

pdfPerth traffic corridor study 2007-2008 (2010)270.22 KB

pdfResearch on Health and Air Pollution in Perth - Morbidity and Mortality (2003)2.01 MB

pdfThe Perth Vehicle Emissions Inventory 2006-20073.5 MB Published 2010 

pdfVehicle Emissions Inventory Update 2011/12709.31 KB

pdfVolatile Organic Compounds Monitoring in Perth - Baseline Air Toxics Project (2000) 2 MB554.1 KB


pdfWagerup 2009 Air Quality Study Report (2011) 1.37 MB1.37 MB