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The contaminated sites guidelines reflect:

All site contamination reports submitted to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation must be consistent with the ASC NEPM available from the Federal Register of Legislation. Errata and additional supporting documents and calculators are available from the National Environment Protection Council website.

Further guidance is available in the information sheet Requirements for submission of contaminated sites technical reports.
Contaminated sites guidelines


Assessment and management of contaminated sites — published December 2014, revised and updated November 2021.

  • Assessing and managing contaminated sites
  • Assessing risks to human health, the environment and environmental values
  • Generic assessment levels specific to WA and their application
  • Applying the NEPM assessment levels in WA
  • Information to include when reporting on the various stages of contaminated site assessment and management
  • Community engagement
 Identification, reporting and classification of contaminated sites in Western Australia  — published June 2017 
  • Identifying and reporting known or suspected contaminated sites
  • Classification of contaminated sites and action required
  • How to access information on known or suspected contaminated sites
  • Disclosure requirements during land transactions
  • Regulatory notices
  • Certificates of contamination audit
  • Transfer of responsibility for remediation.
 Guidelines for the assessment, remediation and management of asbestos contaminated sites (DoH 2021)
  • Framework for responding to asbestos contamination
  • Assessment of asbestos-contaminated sites
  • Guidance on sampling and analysis
  • Remediation and validation of asbestos-contaminated sites

— published October 2016

The above guidelines are currently under revision to reflect that from 1 July 2022, auditors accredited in other Australian jurisdictions may be eligible for automatic deemed registration under Part 3A of the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 (Commonwealth).

 Use of monitored natural attenuation (MNA) for groundwater clean-up – published November 2021.
  • Assessing MNA
  • Criteria for acceptance of MNA as remediation strategy
  • Weight-of evidence approach to demonstrating MNA
  • Requirements of monitoring networks for MNA
  • Stakeholder engagement requirements


·         requirements of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 (the CS Act) and Contaminated Sites Regulations 2006;