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The contaminated sites guidelines have replaced the Contaminated Sites Management Series and reflect:

All site contamination reports submitted to DWER must be consistent with the ASC NEPM available from the Federal Register of Legislation. Errata and additional supporting documents and calculators are available from the National Environment Protection Council website.


Contaminated sites guidelinesReplacing Contaminated Sites Management Series guidelines

Interim Guideline on the Assessment and Management of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
– published January 2017.

  • This guideline is under review. Where there are inconsistencies between this guideline and the PFAS NEMP 2.0, the PFAS NEMP 2.0 prevails.
  • In particular, practitioners should note that the interim screening levels for soil, surface water and groundwater and interim concentrations for waste classification have been superceded by the PFAS NEMP 2.0.

Assessment and management of contaminated sites2.01 MB — published December 2014.

  • Assessing and managing contaminated sites
  • Assessing risks to human health, the environment and environmental values
  • Generic assessment levels specific to WA and their application
  • Applying the NEPM assessment levels in WA
  • Information to include when reporting on the various stages of contaminated site assessment and management
  • Community engagement

Development of sampling and analysis progams (2001)

Community consultation (2006)

Potentially contaminating activities, industries and land uses (2004)

Assessment levels for soil, sediment and water (2010)

Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils in Western Australia (2004)

The use of risk assessment in contaminated site assessment (2006)

Reporting on site assessments (2001)

Identification, reporting and classification of contaminated sites in Western Australia  — published June 2017 

  • Identifying and reporting known or suspected contaminated sites
  • Classification of contaminated sites and action required
  • How to access information on known or suspected contaminated sites
  • Disclosure requirements during land transactions
  • Regulatory notices
  • Certificates of contamination audit
  • Transfer of responsibility for remediation.

Reporting of known and suspected contaminated sites (2006)

Site classification scheme (2006)

Certificate of contamination audit scheme (2000)

Use of monitored natural attenuation for groundwater remediation – revised guideline to be published early 2018.

Use of monitored natural attenuation for groundwater remediation (2004)

— published October 2016

Contaminated sites auditors - guidelines for accreditation, conduct and reporting (2009)

Guidelines for the assessment, remediation and management of asbestos contaminated sites (DoH 2021)
 Assessment, Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites in Western Australia (joint publication with DoH) (2009)
Revised guideline under consideration

Contaminated sites and the landuse planning process (2006) 

·         requirements of the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 (the CS Act) and Contaminated Sites Regulations 2006;