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Clearing permit applications for public comment

Clearing permit applications received for clearing permits, amendments and applications for clearing permits under the Assessment Bilateral Agreement made under Section 45 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 for public submissions

Submissions for applications below may be forwarded to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation before the closing date specified.

Submissions may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

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Permit Holder Location Details Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Submissions Closing Date Bilateral Agreement Documents Clearing Permit System link
Doral Mineral Sands Pty Ltd Lot 500 on Diagram 75572, Picton Area Upgrading the road alignment around Doral’s Picton processing plant 0.179 25/10/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8627/

CPS 8627/1

Dunland Property Pty Ltd Midland Road reserve (PIN 11841799), Hazelmere Purpose Road construction and upgrades 2 trees 18/10/2019 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8663/

CPS 8663/1

City of Armadale Lot 8 on Diagram 64051, Lot 421 on Deposited Plan 211292 and Unnamed Road reserve (PINs 11417489 and 11416975), Forrestdale Area Constructing an internal vehicle access road 0.36 07/10/2019 No


CPS 8648/1

Suk Mei Lau Lot 8 on Diagram 73314, Mariginiup Area Development of stables, paddocks, private track and paddock shelters. 7.97 18/10/2019 No

Application documents - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8667/

CPS 8667/1

October 16, 2019: 2:47 pm