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Clearing permit applications for public comment

When we accept applications for clearing permits under the Environmental Protection Act 1986, we publish them here for public comment. The types of applications that are listed in the table below include: 

  • applications for new clearing permits (including those seeking concurrent assessment using the assessment bilateral agreement after a referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth))
  • amendment applications other than those that are purely administrative.

Referrals of proposed clearing and applications to surrender or transfer an existing clearing permit are not available for public comment.

Applications related to mineral and petroleum activities go to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS). Those applications are available for comment on the DMIRS website.


Please send your submissions on the applications listed below before the specified closing date.

We prefer to receive submissions via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Alternatively you may send your submissions via post to:

Native Vegetation Regulation
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
Locked Bag 10
Joondalup DC, WA 6919

The application documents are available for comment via the links below.

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Permit Holder Location Details LGA Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Submissions Closing Date Bilateral Agreement Documents Clearing Permit System link
B & J Catalano Pty Ltd Lot 42 on Deposited Plan 410794, Chittering Shire of Chittering Purpose Adversied in error as a decision 27/09/202 - readvertised as an applicaiton recieved 28/09/2023 - Extractive industry 1.53 17/10/2023 No

Application Documents

CPS 10288/1

BHP Iron Ore Pty Ltd Lot 453 on Deposited Plan 165816, Lot 5432 on Deposited Plan 184949, and Wilson Street Road reserve (PIN 11426084), Port Hedland Shire of Port Hedland Purpose Application to amend - extend the permit duration and update the permit holder’s name - constructing and maintaining access roads and all associated activities 1.37 11/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 8047/3

Electricity Networks Corporation (T/A Western Power) Statewide Statewide Purpose Application to amend - extend the duration and update conditions - project activities Statewide 13/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 1918/11

Mr Kimberley Gandy Lot 5111 on Deposited Plan 229256, Lot 5109 on Deposited Plan 229254 and Lot 11799 on Deposited Plan 229254, Diamond Tree Shire of Manjimup Area Grazing and pasture, timber harvesting and hazard reduction 34.35 11/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 10307/1

Service Stream Maintenance Pty Ltd Lot 759 on Deposited Plan 207952, Ghooli Shire of Yilgarn Purpose Connecting power to an Optus Mobile communication tower 0.082 10/10/2023 No

Application Documents

CPS 10312/1

Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale Mundijong Road reserve (PIN 11752666) and King Road reserve (PIN 11614250), Mardella and Oldbury Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale Area Road upgrades 7 trees 09/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 10287/1

Fremantle Ports Lot 4552 on Deposited Plan 220690, Fremantle City of Fremantle Purpose Maintenance dredging of Fremantle Ports Inner Harbour. 1.67 06/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 10278/1

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd Unallocated Crown Land (Lot 151 on Deposited Plan 243201) and Lot 1580 on Deposited Plan 72910, Newman Shire f East Pilbara Purpose Geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations 25.11 04/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 10267/1

AGI Ashburton Pty Ltd Lots 555, 556, 557 on Deposited Plan 74894, Lot 561 on Deposited Plan 71346 and Lots 801 and 802 on Deposited Plan 413048, Talandji Shire of Ashburton Purpose Application to amend - extend the duration and condition 5 of the clearing permit and amend the permit holder’s details - construction and operation of a gas pipeline. 10.64 27/09/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 6199/4

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Lot 5567 on Deposited Plan 400401,Byford Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Area Extending the existing skate park 0.005 04/10/2023 No

Application Documents 

CPS 10264/1

Scadden Pty Ltd High View Road (PIN 11410926) and unmade road reserve ‘Bay View Crescent’ (PIN 11410909), Dunsborough City off Busselton Purpose Installing underground power cabling 0.012 29/09/2023 No

Application Documents

CPS 10236/1

September 28, 2023: 6:08 pm