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Clearing permits available for public appeal

Clearing permits granted, amended permits granted, undertaking to grant and permits granted under the Assessment Bilateral Agreement made under Section 45 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 available for public appeal.

Under section 101A(4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a decision to grant a clearing permit may within 21 days of that grant lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Under section 101A(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a specification or an amendment to a clearing permit may, within the period within which the applicant or holder can lodge an appeal (21 days of the applicant being notified) about that specification or amendment, lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Certain matters involving amendments made to clearing permits cannot be appealed including correction of clerical mistakes, unintentional errors or omissions.  

For further information or to lodge an appeal, please contact the Appeals Convenor on (08) 6364 7990, Level 22 Forrest Centre, 221 St George’s Terrace, PERTH WA 6000. 

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

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Permit Holder Location Details Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Decision Date Bilateral Agreement Related Documents Clearing Permit System link
PHIA Asset Pty Ltd Lot 9008 on Deposited Plan 404824, Port Hedland Area Constructing an asbestos containment cell. 6.95 09/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9202 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9202/1

Mr Alan and Mrs Diana Dowsett Various State Forests, National Parks and Nature Reserves Amended Purpose Amended permit - extend the permit duration - apiary site maintenance 0.4 17/9/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/7161 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 7161/2

Shire of Dandaragan Jurien Road reserve (PINs 11711118, 11674879 and 11674877) Jurien Bay Purpose Road upgrades and widening 4.58 17/09/2021 Yes

Permit - Index of /permit/9058/Permit (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9058/1

Shire of Murray Carrabungup Road reserve (PINs 1369197, 1369187 and 1369188) and Lot 737 on Deposited Plan 133073, Nirimba Purpose Road safety upgrades 33 trees (0.22 ha) 20/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9370 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9370/1

City of Busselton Lot 8 on Diagram 66799, Naturaliste Area Sand extraction 0.1 22/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9331 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9331/1

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Crown Reserve R 16634 and Kingsbury Drive road reserve (PIN’s 11539546 and 11539547), Jarrahdale, Area Road maintenance 0.117 22/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9291 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9291/1

Arc Infrastructure Pty Ltd Railway Reserve (PIN 1058526), Yilkari Area Building a storage area and vehicle access to service ballast loading and unloading. 1.84 22/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9280 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9280/1

Shire of Upper Gascoyne Lots 12, 19 and 30 on Deposited Plan 220366 and an Un-named Road reserve (PIN 11700334), Gascoyne River Purpose Road realignment and upgrades to associated infrastructure. 8.12 22/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9031 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9031/1

Shire of Mundaring Richardson Road Reserve (PIN 11418627), Falls Road Reserve (PINs 11837553, 11418634), Victoria Road Reserve (PINs 11837554, 11418632), Brooking Road reserve (PINs 11418633, 11418635) and Owen Road reserve (PIN 11418628), Parkerville Purpose Installing a new crossing of the Jane Brook and extension of Brooking Road from Owen Rd to Richardson Rd and to create a new connection with Falls Road 1.85 23/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9238 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9238/1

Department of Finance Lot 3000 on Deposited Plan 43553 and Lot 555 on Deposited Plan 76310, College Grove Purpose Constructing a carpark 0.66 23/09/2021 No

Permit - Index of /permit/9309 (dwer.wa.gov.au)

CPS 9309/1

September 24, 2021: 7:17 am