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Clearing decisions available for public appeal

 Most of our decisions on clearing matters under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 may be appealed. Appeals must be lodged in writing within 21 calendar days of the applicant/permit holder being notified of the decision.

The types of decisions that members of the public can appeal are when we:

  • grant or undertake to grant a new clearing permit – including those we assess in accordance with the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 under the assessment bilateral agreement
  • amend an existing clearing permit (other than an administrative amendment, such as to correct clerical errors or to implement a ministerial determination).

Decisions currently open for public appeal are listed in the table below.

The table does not include decisions when members of the public cannot appeal. These include where we:

  • refuse a permit or refuse to amend a permit
  • accept a permit surrender or grant a transfer
  • grant a permit pursuant to an undertaking to grant
  • make a determination on a clearing referral.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) makes decisions to grant or amend clearing permits related to mineral and petroleum activities. Those decisions currently available for appeal are listed on the DMIRs website.

For further information, including how to lodge an appeal, go to the Office of the Appeal Convenor’s website.

The relevant application form, final decision report, and granted or amended permit (as applicable) for appealable decisions are available via the links below.

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Permit Holder Location Details LGA Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Decision Date Bilateral Agreement Related Documents Clearing Permit System link
Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia within multiple land parcels and road reserves, Peedamulla and Talandji Shire of Ashburton Amended Area Amended Permit - to amend the size of the area permitted to be cleared - road construction and upgrades 234.44 17/05/2023 No


CPS 9534/2

Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power Lot 297 on Deposited Plan 93256, Dampier Peninsula Shire of Broome Purpose Geotechnical survey, construction of solar arrays generating 900kW, battery storage, thermal generator, associated supporting infrastructure, fire breaks, access tracks and laydown area 4.06 17/05/2023 No


CPS 10097/1

Port Hedland Green Steel WA Pty Ltd within multiple properties in Boodarie Town of Port Hedland Purpose Geotechnical investigations to support the design of the Australia Green Steel Project 25 24/05/2023 No


CPS 10103/1

City of Bayswater Lot 14235 on Deposited Plan 27395, Maylands City of Bayswater Area Removal of weed species to revegetate with native plants 0.6 29/05/2023 No


CPS 10056/1

Western Australian Department of Transport Lot 1337 on Deposited Plan 91032, South Carnarvon Shire of Carnarvon Purpose Onshore disposal of dredged material and future maintenance dredging campaigns 5.55 29/05/2023 No


CPS 10064/1

Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd Lot 3 on Plan 14769, Martin City of Gosnells Amended Area Amended permit - to extend the period in which clearing is authorised, - extraction activities 10.7 30/05/2023 No


CPS 8582/3

BHP Iron Ore Pty Ltd Great Northern Hwy Road reserve (PIN 1143194), Lot 580 on Deposited Plan 409062, and Lot 9008 on Deposited Plan 404824, Port Hedland Town of Port Hedland Amended Purpose Amended Permit - extend the duration of the permit - constructing and maintaining communications infrastructure and associated activities 0.5 30/05/2023 No


CPS 8009/2

City of Albany Down Road South Road Reserve (PIN 1274154), Drome City of Albany Area Installing an emergency exit 0.02 31/05/2023 No


CPS 10132/1

Commissioner of Main Roads Western Australia state-wide Purpose clearing permit State-wide Amended Purpose Amended Permit - administrative amendment and a number of additional amendments N/A 02/06/2023 No


CPS 818/16

Shire of York Lot 3060 on Plan 36442 (R 47883, PIN 11398134) Talbot West Road, Flynn and Mount Observation Shire of York Purpose Road hazard reduction 6 trees 02/06/2023 No


CPS 9769/1

June 7, 2023: 9:24 am