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Clearing permits available for public appeal

Clearing permits granted, amended permits granted, undertaking to grant and permits granted under the Assessment Bilateral Agreement made under Section 45 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 available for public appeal.

Under section 101A(4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a decision to grant a clearing permit may within 21 days of that grant lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Under section 101A(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986, a person who disagrees with a specification or an amendment to a clearing permit may, within the period within which the applicant or holder can lodge an appeal (21 days of the applicant being notified) about that specification or amendment, lodge with the Minister an appeal in writing setting out the grounds of that appeal.

Certain matters involving amendments made to clearing permits cannot be appealed including correction of clerical mistakes, unintentional errors or omissions.  

For further information or to lodge an appeal, please contact the Appeals Convenor on (08) 6364 7990, Level 22 Forrest Centre, 221 St George’s Terrace, PERTH WA 6000. 

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

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Permit Holder Location Details Permit Type Clearing Purpose Size (ha) Decision Date Bilateral Agreement Related Documents Clearing Permit System link
Capitary No. 3 Pty Ltd Lot 3 on Diagram 38894, Morangup Purpose Clay excavation operation 5 02/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8948/

CPS 8948/1

City of Cockburn Lot 508 on Deposited Plan 414835, Bibra Lake Area Constructing an Aboriginal Cultural and Visitor Centre 0.89 03/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8983/

CPS 8983/1

City of Cockburn Lot 500 on Deposited Plan 416546, Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 416549, Lot 502 on Deposited Plan 416550, Lot 504 on Deposited Plan 416552, Lot 505 on Deposited Plan 416551, Lot 508 on Deposited Plan 416548, Lot 509 on Deposited Plan 416547, Boeing Way road reserve (PIN 1184357), Jandakot Road reserve (PINs 1187135, 11871425 and 11871426), Solomon Road reserve (PIN 1184356), and Un-named Road reserves (PINs 11861474, 12251168, 12278473, 12354710, and 12354709), Jandakot Area Road widening 2.10 03/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/9018./

CPS 9018/1

Jonathon James Dwyer Lot 7 on Plan 7148, Bindoon Amended Purpose Amended permit - extend the permit duration - gravel extraction 7.2 03/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/5843/

CPS 5843/3

City of Armadale Lot 421 on Plan 211292 (Crown Reserve 27131), Forrestdale Area Oval expansion 1 tree 03/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/9040/

CPS 9040/1

Arc Infrastructure Pty Ltd Avon Location 28391 (Crown Reserve R30192) , Moondyne and Avon Valley National Park Purpose Railway infrastructure 14 trees 04/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/9062/

CPS 9062/1

Darling Downs Pty Ltd Rowley Road reserve (PINs 11358160, 12281042, 12267072, 12267068, 12244424 and 12281041), Darling Downs and Hilbert. Purpose Bushfire hazard risk reduction 0.556 4/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8941/

CPS 8941/1

Capitary No. 3 Pty Ltd Lot 1326 on Diagram 5449, Muchea Purpose Extractive industries (clay extraction) 2.78 4/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8935/

CPS 8935/1

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd Unallocated Crown Land (PIN 11455504), Newman Lot 1563 on Deposited Plan 67603, Juna Downs Lot 1580 on Deposited Plan 72910, Newman Purpose Geotechnical investigations and baseline surveys 30 5/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8953/

CPS 8953/1

Peter John Marsh Lot 10920 on Deposited Plan 203844 and Lot 141 on Deposited Plan 411837, Smith Brook Amended Area Amended permit - extend the duration of the permit - Silviculture thinning 38 09/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/5377/

CPS 5377/3

Mr Michael Hair Lot 12378 on Deposited Plan 206991, Frankland River Area Cropping and grazing 2.58 09/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8852/

CPS 8852/1

Sarah Lau on behalf of Suk Mei Lau Lot 8 on Diagram 73314, Mariginiup Area Development of stables, paddocks, private track and paddock shelters 0.87 10/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8667/

CPS 8667/1

Shire of Kojonup Lot 357 and Lot 355 on Deposited Plan 220697, Kojonup Area Public safety 28 trees 16/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8974/

CPS 8974/1

Shire of Augusta Margaret River Rosa Glen and Noakes road reserves (PINS 1252482 and 1252481), Rosa Glen Area Road widening 0.304 16/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/9001/

CPS 9001/1

BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd Great Northern Highway Road Reserve (Lot 176 on Deposited Plan 219293), Newman Amended Purpose Amended permit - extend the duration of the permit - bridge strengthening, bridge protection and associated works 0.8 18/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/3596/

CPS 3596/3

Shire of Wongan-Ballidu Waddington-Wongan Hills Road Reserve (PIN 11488722, 11488752, 11488753, 11488754 and 11488755), Wongan Hills Purpose Road widening 1.6 19/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/8506/

CPS 8506/1

Shire of Broome Lot 3000 on Deposited Plan 67468, Lot 560 on Deposited Plan 72589, Lot 611 on Deposited Plan 410013, Lot 616 on Deposited Plan 410013 and Lot 651 on Deposited Plan 415214, Roebuck and Broome Purpose Maintenance and restoration of Streeters Jetty, and maintenance of the Chinatown Drain. 0.65 20/11/2020 No

Permit - ftp://ftp.dwer.wa.gov.au/permit/9076/

CPS 9076/1

November 25, 2020: 4:04 am