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On 7 June 2019 the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation was informed by local interest groups of works being carried out at Yakka Munga Station. 

Yakka Munga is in the Shire of Derby, West Kimberley, and is currently leased by Zenith Australia Investment Holding Pty Ltd (Zenith) for pastoral purposes.

We began an immediate investigation and determined that approximately 120 hectares of native vegetation had been cleared.  

On 20 June 2019 we determined that the clearing was unauthorised and gave Zenith a Vegetation Conservation Notice (VCN CPS 8557/1) requiring that no further unlawful clearing occurred, effectively preventing any further excavation impacting on remnant vegetation within and next to the footprint of works. 

What is happening now?

On 11 July 2019 an appeal of the requirements of VCN CPS 8557/1 was submitted to the Office of the Appeals Convenor. 

We are now preparing a report under section 106(1)(b) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 for consideration by the Minister for Environment. 

The requirements of VCN CPS 8557/1 will continue to have effect pending a determination of the appeal by the Minister for Environment.

We are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the clearing and whether further enforcement and restoration measures are required.    

15 July 2019