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Licences and works approvals assessments for public comment

Submissions on the below applications may be forwarded to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation before the closing date indicated below.

Submissions may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation,Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Details Applicant and Location Category Assessments Type Submissions Closing Date

Water Corporation - East Rockingham Water Resource Recovery Facility - Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 61891 Chesterfield Road - ROCKINGHAM WA 6968

(54) Sewage facility New Works Approval 2022-06-17

Narnoo Mining Pty Ltd t/a Vimy Resources Limited - Mulga Rock Uranium Project - M39/1104 and L39/&252 - MENZIES WA 6436

(54) Sewage facility (89) Putrescible landfill site New Works Approval 2022-06-17

CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd - Fortescue River Roadhouse Camp - Part Lot 168 and Part Lot 1501 North West Coastal Highway - MARDIE WA 6714

(54) Sewage facility Renewal 2022-06-17

Bunbury Harvey Regional Council - Bunbury Wellington Organics Recovery Facility - Part Lot 81 on DEposited Plan 403943 Marginata Close - CROOKED BROOK WA 6236

(67A) Compost facility Renewal 2022-06-17

B&J Catalano Pty Ltd - B&J Catalano Pty Ltd - Part of Lot 42 on Deposited Plan 410794, Chittering, Volume 2929; Folio 44Part of Lot 41 on Deposited Plan 410793, Chittering, Volume 2929; Folio 43 - CHITTERING WA 6084

(12) Screening, etc. of material New Application 2022-06-09

Eastern Operations - Pilbara Ports Authority - Part Lot 6098 on Plan 35618 - PORT HEDLAND WA 6721

(58A) Bulk Material Loading or Unloading (Salt); (58) Bulk Material Loading or Unloading (Other Than Salt). Amendment 2022-06-08

7 Mile Railways Division - Pilbara Iron Company (Services) Pty Ltd - Lease number LGE I123612 - DAMPIER WA 6713

(73) Bulk Storage of Chemicals, etc; (85) Sewage Facility; (61) Liquid waste facility Renewal 2022-06-03

Earl Grey Lithium Project - Covalent Lithium Pty Ltd - located approximately 105 kilometres (km) south-southeast of the Southern Cross town-site, in the Yilgarn Mineral Field of Western Australia (M77) at the former Bounty Gold mine - SOUTHERN CROSS WA 6426

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore New Application 2022-06-03

South Kalgoorlie Operations - Jubilee Gold Mine - Northern Star (HBJ) Pty Ltd - Lot 15 on Plan 58833, Lot 50 on Plan 226299 and Lot 51 on Plan 226303, Feysville, Lot 103 on Plan 40395 Lot 105 on Plan 40396, Karamindie, and mining tenements M26/118, M26/143, M26/204 and M15/456 - BOULDER WA 6432

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore New Application 2022-06-03

Lot 11 Sand Mine - ASHBY D R & A I - Lot 11 Paganoni Rd, CT 202-86A -KARNUP WA 6176

(12) Screening, etc. of material Renewal 2022-05-30

Earl Grey Lithium Project - Covalent Lithium Pty Ltd - Mining Tenement M77/1066 - KALGOORLIE WA 6430

(54) Sewage facility New Application 2022-05-30

Leeuwin Civil Pty Ltd - Leeuwin Civil Pty Ltd - Lot 101 (HSE 285) on Plan 69781Vol & Fol 2765 652 - BUSSELTON WA 6280

(70) Screening, etc. of Material New Application 2022-05-27

Nifty Copper Project - Nifty Copper Pty Ltd - M 271SANifty Copper Operations Project is located on Special Agreement Lease M 271SA which overlies Vacant Crown Land in the Shire of East Pilbara - NEAR TELFER WA 6762

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore; (07) Vat or in situ leaching of metal New Application 2022-05-27

Mt Gould Iron Ore Project - Newcam Minerals Pty Ltd - M52/236Includes:Mt Gould Pastoral Station (PLN3114/1104)Wajarri Yamatji (Part A) Native Title Determination Area - MEEKATHARRA WA 6642

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore New Application 2022-05-27

May 26, 2022: 3:28 pm