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Licences and works approvals assessments for public comment

Submissions on the below applications may be forwarded to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation before the closing date indicated below.

Submissions may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation,Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Details Applicant and Location Category Assessments Type Submissions Closing Date

B&J Catalano Pty Ltd - B. & J. Catalano Pty Ltd - A part of Lot 32 on Deposited Plan 419500 - CALINGIRI WA 6569

(12) Screening, etc. of material. New Works Approval 2023-04-14

Port Gregory Garnet Mine - GMA Garnet Pty Ltd - M70/856 and G70/171 - NORTHAMPTON WA 6535

(08) Mineral sands mining or processing. New Works Approval 2023-04-14

Kaolin Mine and Process Plant - WA Kaolin Limited - Kaolin Mine and Process PlantMining lease M70/1143330 Sparks Road - EAST WICKEPIN WA 6370

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore. New Licence 2023-04-13

Milne Feeds - Milne Agrigroup Pty Ltd - 103-105 Welshpool Road - WELSHPOOL WA 6106

(23) Animal feed manufacturing. New Works Approval 2023-04-13

West Musgrave WWTP - OZ Minerals Musgrave Operations Pty Ltd - Prescribed premises straddles M69/149, L69/56 and L69/57 - NGAANYATJARRA-GILES WA 0872

(54) Sewage facility. New Licence 2023-04-12

CSBP Albany Fertiliser Distribution Facility - CSBP Limited - 198 Hanrahan Road - ALBANY WA 6330

(33) Chemical blending or mixing. New Works Approval 2023-04-12

Christmas Creek Mine - Chichester Metals Pty Ltd - Tenements E46/610, E46/612, M46/320, M46/321, M46/322, M46/323, M46/324, M46/325, M46/326, M46/327, M46/328, M46/329, M46/330, M46/331, M46/332, M46/333, M46/334, M46/335, M46/336, M46/337, M46/338, M46/339, M46/340, M46/341, M46/342, M46/343, M46/344, M46/345, M46/346, M46/347, M46/348, M46/349, M46/350, M46/351, M46/352, M46/353, M46/354, M46/355, M46/403, M46/406, M46/412, M46/413, M46/414, M46/415, M46/416, M46/417, M46/418, M46/419, M46/420, M46/421, M46/422, M46/423, M46/424, G46/7, L46/49, L46/56, L46/58, L46/86, L46/87, L46/106, L46/111, E46/566 and L46/66 - NEWMAN WA 6753

(05) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore. New Works Approval 2023-04-12

King of the Hill Mine - MLG Oz Limited - tenement M 37/429 - LEONORA WA 6438

(12) Screening, etc. of material. New Licence 2023-04-11

Port Haven Village Wastewater Treatment System - Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd - Pt Lot 2444 Great Northern Highway - PORT HEDLAND WA 6721

(54) Sewage facility. Renewal 2023-04-10

Glenark Farms Piggery - Steven Kevin & Prema Sexton - Lot 4967 (DP 115961, Volume 1029, Folio 807) Lot 6596 (DP 123097, Volume 1710, Folio 573) 49 Pauley Road Cuballing WA 6311 - COMMODINE WA 6311

(02) Intensive Piggery. New Licence 2023-04-06

Kimberley Cotton Gin - Kimberley Cotton Company Limited - Lot 510 DP421305. Lot 510 Mulligans Lagoon Road, KUNUNURRA WA 6743

(26) Textile operations. New Works Approval 2023-03-31

Atlas Iron Pty Ltd, McPhee Creek Iron Ore Project, M45/1243, E46/1129, L46/158 & L45/598, NEWMAN WA 6753

(5) Processing or beneficiation of metallic or non metallic ore (6) Mine dewatering (12) screening of material (54) sewage facility (57) Used tyre storage (73) Bulk storage of chemicals (89) Putrescible landfill site New Works Approval 2023-03-31

March 25, 2023: 2:17 am