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Table 1. Clearing Referrals not for public comment or appeal

Clearing referrals proposed under Section 51DA(2) and decision of clearing referrals under Section 51DA(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(1) of the EP Act, and the acceptance or refusal of an application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(7) of the EP Act.

Decision to revoke or suspend a clearing permit made under Section 51L(1) of the EP Act.

Decision to amend a clearing permit under Section 51K(2)(b) of the EP Act on the initiative of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Amendment decisions that are not appealable include CEO-initiated amendments and amendments to give effect to a decision of the Minister for Environment. All publicly appealable decisions on amendments can be found at Clearing permits available for public appeal.

Decision to refuse to grant a clearing permit under Section 51E(5)(b) of the EP Act.

Decision to refuse to grant an amendment application under Section Section 51KA(4)(b) of the EP Act.

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

Queries may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Table 1. Clearing referrals not for public comment or appeal

ReferrerLocation DetailsSize (ha)DecisionDateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) Link
 Coogee Chemical Pty Ltd  Lot 386 on Deposited Plan 48586, Kwinana Beach  0.048 Clearing Permit Not Required  05/10/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10337
 City of Rockingham  Lot 8016 on Deposited Plan 48290 and Garden Island Highway Road reserve (PIN 11424401), Shoalwater  0.014 Clearing Permit Required   09/10/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10319
 CPS Technology & Infrastructure Pty Ltd  Lot 500 on Plan 18005 and Watheroo Road reserve (PIN 11675072), Badgingarra  0.22 Clearing Permit Required  13/10/2023 Referral Documents REF 10349/1
Mineral Resources Limited  Lot 59 on Deposited Plan 209513, Koolyanobbing  Two (2) trees Clearing Permit Not Required  13/10/2023 Referral Documents REF 10360/1
 Ventia Pty Ltd  Unallocated Crown land (PINs 1275045, 1334878, and 1334879), Australind  0.05  Clearing Permit Not Required  16/10/2023 Referral Documents REF 10375/1
 Mr Dean Stanley


Lot 148 on Deposited Plan 222834
Lot 501 on Diagram 64981
Colwyn Road Reserve (PIN 11464132), Mount Helena


 0.003   Clearing Permit Not Required  31/10/2023  Referral Documents  Ref 10380
 City of Mandurah  Lot 403 on Plan 404743, Coodanup  2 trees  Clearing Permit Required  13/11/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10382/1
 Mr Kent Crane  Lot 2280 on Deposited Plan 203064, Osmington  0.15  Clearing Permit Required  16/11/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10381/1
 Town of Cottesloe  Lot 38 and 39 on Deposited Plan 222327 (Reserve 3235), Cottesloe  0.5  Clearing Permit Not Required  16/11/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10400/1
 Mineral Resources Limited  Lot 383 on Plan 205462, Onslow  0.834  Clearing Permit Not Required  16/11/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10385/1
 Mr Daniel Freeman  Muir Street road reserve (PIN 11411462), Elleker  0.009  Clearing Permit Not Required  17/11/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10365/1
 City of Busselton  Heppingstone Road reserve (PIN 11385403), West Busselton  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  21/11/2023 Referral Documents REF 10401/1
 Mr Shane Jones and Mrs Lola Jones  Lot 18 on Plan 15696, Lot 19 on Plan 15696 and Timber Creek Crescent road reserve (PIN 11521320), Coondle  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Required  11/12/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10394/1
 Mr Greg Berry  Ocean Reef Road reserve (PINs 11901146 and 11812291) and Badgerup Road reserve (PIN 11812292), Wanneroo  0.113  Clearing Perrmit Not required   12/12/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10413/1
 City of Busselton  Lot 229 on Deposited Plan 225893, Busselton (Victoria Square Park)  4 trees  Clearing Permit Required  12/12/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10379/1
 City of Bunbury  Lot 830 On Deposited Plan 91060, Vittoria  0.0157  Clearing Permit Not Required  12/12/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10407/1
 Neoen Australia Pty Ltd  Lot 13334 on Deposited Plan 244066 and Lot 13112 on Deposited Plan 215560, Muchea  5 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  22/12/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10430/1
 Mr Drew Taylor  Lot 111 on Plan 13945, Falcon  0.08  Clearing Permit Required  02/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10426/1
 Arc Infrastructure Pty Ltd  Lot 15846 on Deposited Plan 192201 (Reserve 43890) and Lot 15454 on Deposited Plan 100408 (Reserve 27580), Wagin   0.058  Clearing Permit Required  02/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10436/1
 Mrs Ashley Erin Hetaraka  Lot 203 on Deposited Plan 412590, Gelorup,   0.079  Clearing Permit Required  02/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10431/1
 City of Gosnells  Lot 709 on Deposited Plan 45464 (Crown Reserve 48497), Southern River  0.02  Clearing Permit Required  17/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10449/1
 Arc Infrastructure  Lot 100 on Plan 4189, Millendon  0.035  Clearing Permit Required  17/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10395/1
 Phosphate Resources Ltd T/A Christmas Island Phosphates  Mining Tenement MCI 70/1A (being Unallocated Crown Land – PIN 1097163), Christmas Island  0.8  Clearing Permit Not Required  24/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10447/1
 HIF IND1 Pty Ltd  Lot 988 on Plan 3380, Lot 25 on Diagram 64472 and Lot 16 on Diagram 29539, Kenwick  0.94  Clearing Permit Required  25/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10437/1
 City of Busselton  Lot 5303 on Deposited Plan 220583, Siesta Park  0.0028  Clearing Permit Required  25/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10438/1
 Providence Christian College  Lot 802 on Deposited Plan 406125, Southern River  0.0452  Clearing Permit Required  25/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10461/1
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Lot 505 on Deposited Plan 64833 (Crown Reserve 23136), Halls Creek, and Lot 360 on Deposited Plan 76780 (Unallocated Crown Land), Mueller Ranges  0.128  Clearing Permit Not Required  29/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10429/1
 City of Busselton  Lot 8000 on Deposited Plan 59384 (Crown Reserve 50223), Broadwater  6 trees  Clearing Permit Required  29/01/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10457/1
 Lot 9000 Middle Swan Pty Ltd  Lot 9009 on Deposited Plan 400991, Viveash  31 trees  Clearing Permit Required  07/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10467/1
 City of Busselton  Lot 556 on Deposited Plan 72102 (Crown Reserve 34111), Quindalup  9 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  12/02/2024  Referral Documents  REF 10474/1

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Permit HolderLocation DetailsSize (ha)TypeDecision
DateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) link
 Mr Bruce Crabb  Lot 1425 on Deposited Plan 202471, Peaceful Bay  42.61  Area Permit  Application Refused  05/10/2023  Refusal  CPS 9774/1
 Main Roads Western Australia  Western Australia (State Wide)  Statewide  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  09/11/2023  Permit  CPS 818/17
 Process Minerals International Pty Ltd  Numerous properties, Karramindie  600  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  13/122023  Permit  CPS 8632/3
 Iron Bridge Operations Pty Ltd  Lot 370 on Deposited Plan 35619, Wedgefield  8.1  Purpose Permit  Surrender  22/12/2023  Permit  CPS 8921/1
 Golden Mile Holdings Pty Ltd  Lot 873 on Deposited Plan 253854  2.97  Area Permit  Application Refused  12/01/2023  Refusal  CPS 9758/1
 Shire of York  Lot 3060 on Plan 36442 (R 47883, PIN 11398134), Flynn and Mount Observation  6 Trees  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  16/01/2024  Permit  CPS 9769/2
 Shire of Goomalling  Calingiri-Goomalling Road reserve (PINs 11502043, 11720387, 11720392, 11720390, 3702293, 11731752, 11722008, 11731751, 11429894)  4.56  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  18/01/2024  Permit  CPS 9307/2
 Shire of Collie  Lot 5220 on Deposited Plan 240066 and Minninup Road reserve (PIN: 11522508), Collie  1.23  Area Permit  Ministerial Amendment  25/01/2024  Permit  CPS 9603/2
 Yeagarup Farm Pty Ltd as Trustee for Hawke Property Trust  Lots 8183 and 8185 on Deposited Plan 201591, Yeagarup,  20.62  Area Permit  Application Refused  05/02/2024  Refusal  CPS 9386/1
 AllTrack 2 WA Pty Ltd  Lot 5449 on Deposited Plan 206481,  Gingin  13.76  Area Permit  Application Refused  06.02/2024  Refusal  CPS 9936/1