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Table 1. Clearing Referrals not for public comment or appeal

Clearing referrals proposed under Section 51DA(2) and decision of clearing referrals under Section 51DA(3) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(1) of the EP Act, and the acceptance or refusal of an application to surrender a clearing permit made under Section 51MA(7) of the EP Act.

Decision to revoke or suspend a clearing permit made under Section 51L(1) of the EP Act.

Decision to amend a clearing permit under Section 51K(2)(b) of the EP Act on the initiative of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Amendment decisions that are not appealable include CEO-initiated amendments and amendments to give effect to a decision of the Minister for Environment. All publicly appealable decisions on amendments can be found at Clearing permits available for public appeal.

Decision to refuse to grant a clearing permit under Section 51E(5)(b) of the EP Act.

Decision to refuse to grant an amendment application under Section Section 51KA(4)(b) of the EP Act.

See details in the links below, and the FTP site for further information and documentation.

Queries may be mailed to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Locked Bag 10, Joondalup DC WA 6919 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Table 1. Clearing referrals not for public comment or appeal

ReferrerLocation DetailsSize (ha)DecisionDateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) Link
 Mr Phillip Tucak  Fynd Street Road Reserve (PIN 11749248), Goode Beach  0.04  Clearing Permit Not Required  18/01/2023  Referral Documents   REF 9999
 DevelopmentWA  Lot 602 on Deposited Plan 57640, East Perth  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  20/01/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10005
 Regional Power Corporation, trading as Horizon Power  Lot 505 on Deposited Plan 64832, Exmouth  2.14  Clearing Permit Required  20/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10013
 Mrs Melissa Hohaia  Lot 152 on Diagram 97513 and Ocean Beach Road Reserve (PIN 1280426), Shadforth  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Required  20/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10030
 Metallica Property Development Pty Ltd  Central Avenue Road Reserve (PIN 12352718 and PIN 1341319), Hazlemere  2 Trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  24/1/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10044
 Mineral Resources Limited  Lot 214 on Deposited Plan 220400, Feysville  0.08  Clearing Permit Not Required  27/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10047
 Mr Reece Meyer and Mrs Matilda Billing

Lot 7 on Diagram 34543 and Burton Road Reserve (PIN 11840066), Darlington

 0.01 Clearing Permit Not Required 27/01/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10051
 Department of Transport (Maritime)  Lot 1225 on Deposited Plan 219775, Lot 1229 on Deposited Plan 220163 and Lot 1230 on Deposited Plan 220163, Jurien Bay  0.23  Clearing Permit Not Required  06/02/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10054
 City of Albany  Hunton Road Reserve (PIN 1347387), Kalgan  0.08  Clearing Permit Not Rerquired  06/02/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10034
 City of Rockingham  Mandurah Road Reserve (PIN 11751819), Baldivis, Waikiki and Cooloongup  0.9  Clearing Permit Not Required  14/02/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10058
 Mr Garth David and Mrs Lucia Rachael Wallis  Charles Road Reserve (PIN 11838371) and Lot 115 on Diagram 89358, Mahogany Creek  0.014  Clearing Permit Not Required  14/02/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10067
 Thomas Cairns Pty Ltd  Lot 603 on Deposited Plan 62188, Julimar  20 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  17/02/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10073
 Mr Carlo Casella and Ms Melinda Casella  Lot 63 on Diagram 52891, Lot 62 on Diagram 52891, Lot 61 on Diagram 52891 and Lenori Road Reserve (PIN 15540790), Gooseberry Hill  0.02  Clearing Permit Not Required  21/02/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10063
 Arc Infrastructure  Lot 88 on Plan 4300 and Lot 90 on Plan 4300, Lockier  0.63  Clearing Permit Required  24/02/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10066
Mr Murphy and Ms Vilkson Hartfield Road Reserve (PIN11626776), Forrestfield 0.005  Clearing Permit Not Required 28/02/2023 Referral Documents REF 10084
 City of Busselton  Finlayson Street Road Reserve (PIN 11410924), Dunsborough  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/02/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10075
 City of Busselton  Keel Retreat Road Reserve (PIN 1221395), Geographe  2 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/02/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10074
 Margaret River Wine Production Pty Ltd  Lot 1 on Diagram 87982, Kaloorup  0.26  Clearing Permit Required  07/03/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10069
 Shire of Wandering  North Bannister - Wandering Road Reserve (PIN 11350267), Springs  3 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  07/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10090
 Absinth Pty Ltd  River Road Reserve (PINs 11351589, 11892131), Ranford and River Road reserve (PIN 12259882), Boddington  0.017 Clearing Permit Not Required  09/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10077
 Albany Golf Club Inc  Golf Links Road Reserve (PIN 1281477) and Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 413797, Seppings 0.0015  Clearing Permit Not Required  13/03/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10082
 City of Rockingham  Baldivis Road Reserve (PIN 11754540), Heritage Park Drive Road Reserve (PIN 12078965) and Furioso Green Road Reserve (PIN 12078959), Baldivis  0.75  Clearing Permit Not Required  15/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10076
 Burnside Estate  Caves Road Reserve (PIN 1265015), Burnside  0.04  Clearing Permit Not Required  21/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10093
 QUBE Wattleup Development Company Pty Ltd   Lot 805 on Deposited Plan 409853, Hammond Park  0.03  Clearing Permit Not Required  22/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10086
 Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage  Lot 435 on Deposited Plan 206102 (PIN 1015352), Lot 439 on Deposited Plan 220993 (PIN 1321150), Lot 441 on Deposited Plan 220995 (PIN 1321190), Lot 441 on Deposited Plan 220995 (PIN 1321192), Gregory Street Road Reserve (PIN 1192088), Unnamed Road Reserve (PIN 1192064), Unnamed Road Reserve (PIN 11467633) and Unnamed Road Reserve (PIN 11467643), Wittenoom  3.5  Clearing Permit Not Required  23/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10117
 City of Wanneroo  Lot 661 on Deposited Plan 49302, Yanchep  0.053  Clearing Permit Not Required  24/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10100
 City of Perth  Lot 896 on Deposited Plan 213904 (R1720), Kings Park and Winthrop Avenue Road Reserve (PIN 11825594), West Perth  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Required  24/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10111
Mr Stephen Dunne and Ms Sarina Howells Lot 11 on Plan 22847, Gnangara 3 native trees Clearing Permit Required 28/03/2023 Referral Documents  REF 10095
 Electricity Generation and Retail Corporation (t/a Synergy)  Lot 22 on Diagram 72310, Naval Base  0.72  Clearing Permit Not Required  04/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10104
 Ms Aimee-Leah Gellard  Lot 959 on Plan 15451, Mirrabooka  0.01  Clearing Permit Not Required  04/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10128
 Oceanic Estate Holdings Pty Ltd  Lot 48 on Diagram 80470, Geographe  7 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  05/04/2023  Referral Documents  REFF 10109
 Cross Contractors  Lot 759 on Deposited Plan 207952, Ghooli  1.44  Clearing Permit Required  14/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10142
 Shire of Kojonup  Lot 7313 on Deposited Plan 214351, Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 416201 and Lot 503 on Deposited Plan 416201, Kojonup  44 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  14/04/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10115
 Service Stream Maintenance Pty Ltd  Lot 3000 on Deposited Plan 415979, Alkimos  11 trees  Cleairng Permit Not Required  18/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10119
 City of Swan  Hepburn Avenue road reserve (PINs 1213598 and 1213599) and Marangaroo Drive road reserve (PIN 11752377), Ballajura  0.027  Clearing Permit Not Requried  21/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10126
 Tronox Management Pty Ltd  Munbinea Road Reserve (PIN 11675270), Jurien Bay  0.05  Clearing Permit Required  24/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10141
Mr Brett Davis & Ms Kym Shingleton as trustees for The Group 1 Trust  Lot 45 on Plan 6691, Lot 44 on Plan 6691 and Reserve Road reserve (PIN 11739026), Gidgegannup  0.06  Clearing Permit Not Required  26/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10143
 Shire of Ashburton  multiple properties in Onslow  3.27  Clearing Permit Not Required  28/04/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10151
 Shire of Harvey  Lot 5209 on Deposited Plan 214785 (Reserve 33767), Brunswick  0.08  Clearing Permit Required  10/05/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10134      
 Department of Education  Lot 300 on Deposited Plan 411255, Kelmscott  0.046  Clearing Permit Required  15/05/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10153
 City of Swan  Benara Road Reserve (PIN 11823056), Caversham  5 trees  Clearing Permit Not Required  17/05/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10168
 Laverdi Nominees Pty Ltd  Lot 700 on Deposited Plan 58375, Kewdale  0.35  Clearing Permit Not Required  19/05/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10169
 Gnowellen Farms Pty Ltd  Lot 6862 on Deposited Plan 209411, Mettler  12  Clearing Permit Required  22/05/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10178
 Mr Grant Monk  Lot 374 on Plan 16097, Manjimup  0.5  Clearing Permit Required  24/03/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10179
 Shire of Nannup  Brockman Highway Road Reserve (PIN 11608169), Nannup  0.024  Clearing Permit Not Required  26/05/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10174
 City of Busselton  Green Street Road Reserve (PIN 11410921), Dunsborough  1 tree  Clearing Permit Not Required  26/05/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10186
 City of Swan  Hermitage Drive (PINs 1131296, 1131308 and 1131311), Lot 114 on Plan 16484 and Lot 1003 on Plan 23163, The Vines  0.016  Clearing Permit Not Required  26/05/2023  Referral Documents  REF 10187
 Mr Barry Hope  Mayor Road Reserve (PIN 1203922), Coogee  0.003  Clearing Permit Not Required  30/05/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10183
 Mr Tyrone Bunny  Emu Point Drive Road Reserve (PIN 1266777), Collingwood Park  0.018  Clearing Permit Not Required  02/06/2023  Referral Documents   REF 10181

Table 2. Other matters not for public comment or appeal

Permit HolderLocation DetailsSize (ha)TypeDecision
DateDocuments (FTP)Clearing Permit System (CPS) link
 Collie Clay Target Club  Lot 111 on Deposited Plan 70794, Palmer  1.7  Purpose Permit  Application Refused  31/01/2023  Refusal   CPS 9115/1
 Main Roads Western Australia  Numerous land parcels within the Shires of Meekatharra and Wiluna  534  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment   02/02/2023  Permit  CPS 6753/3
 Kimberley Cotton Company Ltd  Lot 510 on Deposited Plan 421305 (Crown Reserve 53889), Kununurra  65.33  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  10/02/2023  Permit  CPS 9420/2
 Pilbara Iron Company (Services) Pty Ltd  Various Locations within Shire of Roebourne Shire of Ashburton and Shire of East Pilbara  500  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  10/03/2023  Permit  CPS 4442/7
 Shire of Toodyay  Chitty Road reserve (PIN: 11633672), Hoddy’s Well  18 trees    Administrative Amendment  24/03/2023  Permit  CPS 9813/2
 Jarrah Jacks Development Pty Ltd  Lot 501 on Deposited Plan 60842 and Lot 3 on Diagram 62114, Pemberton,  10 ha within 18.24 ha  Purpose Permit  Application Refused  30/03/2023  Refusal  CPS 8709/1
 Shire of Dandaragan  Lot 11268 on Deposited Plan 182862 (R 35593), Hill River  8.7  Purpose Permit  Surrender  31/03/2023  Surrender  CPS 9303/1
 Shire of Coolgardie  Lot 1556 on Plan 70755, Jaurdi Hills Road reserve (PIN 11692550), Mount Burges
 3.68  Area Permit  Application Refused  31/03/2023  Refusal  CPS 8989/1
 Sanpro Construction Pty Ltd  Lot 9693 on Plan 214205, Duncraig and Hepburn Avenue road reserve (PIN 11494313), Duncraig  0.12  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  04/04/2023  Permit  CPS 9822/2
 AMG (WA) Pty Ltd  Lot 3 Buller Road, Waroona  0.53  Area Permit  Application Refused  15/05/2023  Refusal  CPS 8500/3
 Papillon Holdings Pty Ltd  Lot 2919 on Deposited Plan 203096, Rosa Brook  2.32  Area Permit  Ministerial Amendment  24/05/2023  Permit  CPS 8878/2
 European Space Agency and Stratham Engineering Consulting Services  Lot 73 on Plan 420072 and Lot 11 on Plan 24201, Yarawindah   8.15  Purpose Permit  Ministerial Amendment  24/05/2023  Permit  CPS 9479/2